Cannot install GRUB fatal error

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Fri Jul 13 01:46:14 UTC 2007


 I have a new Core 2 duo system e6300 with 2 SATA HDD of 80gigs each and
1gig of RAM.
I have a intel DG965RY chipset. I downloaded the ubuntu feisty iso and
booted. I was surprised and amazed at the improvements over earlier versions
Ubuntu had made.
I decided to install it on my 2nd HDD. The install went very smoothly but
after completing 94%
I got an error message "Cannot install GRUB to 'sdb' This is a fatal error."
When I clicked ok the whole installation stopped.
1.I mounted the drive and saw that ubuntu has been installed... but do not
know what the remaining 6% was as it aborts at 94%.
2. I wan to boot ubuntu from Windows bootloader and do not want to install
How do i do it from a live cd. Ubuntu shows the disks as sda and sdb.

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