Diamond Stealth support?

Huub huubvanniekerk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 16:25:16 UTC 2007


I just installed an old Pentium III pc with vs. 5.10 for a friend. 
Unfortunately, this pc has an old Diamond Stealth Video 2500 pci-card 
(add-on, not onboard). The auto-selected video-resolution is either 
800x600 or 640x480. I adjusted /etc/X11/xorg.conf so the desired 
1024x768 would be selected, but I also noticed that the driver has been 
set to "Generic VGA Card". After replacing this with "Diamond Stealth 
Video 2500", X crashed. On the internet I found old postings that it 
should work, but apparently it doesn't anymore.
Apart from find an old supported pci videocard (very hard to find these 
days), is there an easy solution like a setting? Obviously, I don't want 
him to go to WinXP.

Thanks for helping.


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