Running Ubuntu under Windows/running a Windows app under Ubuntu

Brian Fahrlander brian at
Wed Jan 31 02:11:11 UTC 2007

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Eric Dunbar wrote:
> I'd primarily like to run the Intel box as an Ubuntu server, but
> sometimes I'd like to be able to boot into Windows and run that same
> server as a virtual machine in Windows.
> I'm going to play with VMWare Player under Windows and see if it'll
> allow me to use a disk as the source of the operating system
> (according to the Wikipedia entry VMware is able to do that _but_ that
> entry didn't mention which VMware product would do that... not sure if
> VMware Player will do that).
   Windows-under-Linux also has a less-advertised feature: the ability
to shed problems. See "persistent disks". You can nuke the Windows box,
remove anything- then reboot the virtual machine and get back to the
"factory" install, no sweat.  Windows can't do this alone, and it's
often a very handy tool.

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