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Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Tue Jan 30 22:14:56 UTC 2007

On Tue, 30 Jan 2007 15:05:40 -0600
"Cybe R. Wizard" <cybe_r_wizard at> wrote:

> /Any file manager?  Xfe doesn't seem to have that option.

Heheh ... well, you *can* get thumbnails in xfe - " Panel-Thumbnails" :-)
Admittedly they are pretty tiny....

If you associate images/ .png , .jpg etc with the feh program, for example,
you can get a thumbnail gallery by making your "Open with" command
something like:

feh -qtFZ -W 1024 --thumb-width 100 --thumb-height 100 ./

So there, too ;-) Nyah !

Peter ( ducking and running)

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