ATI & Cedega?

Steve Lamb grey at
Tue Jan 30 17:58:24 UTC 2007

Michael Stanziano wrote:
> I'm a bit new to all this myself, but I have World of Warcraft running
> via Wine on 6.10 - found a really nice guide on the ubuntu forums that
> I'm sure I could dig up again if you'd like. 

    I'll give the forums' search a go first.  :)

> My framerate has been a bit low in the Outland but in Azeroth its
> fantastic -- still trying to work out what the deal is with that.

    This is more an issue of the number of people in the Outland vs. Azeroth.
 For some reason when the server is connected and laggy it lags the client.

> Not sure thats any help but, there you go.

    It does help, thanks.

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