Best Solution for Transfering Files

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Jan 30 15:29:38 UTC 2007

Amichai Rotman wrote:

> That wasn't what I meant. In order for me to be able to connect to SSH
> (port 22) I need to configure a tunnel through another port at the
> firewall.
> In PuTTY I just enter the apropiate settings. While trying to run WinSCP I
> have the option to enter only one poet (22) and thus it hangs on the
> "Connecting to server" message....

It really doesn't sound as if what you're calling a "tunnel" is what anybody
else here would consider a tunnel.

Your employer is blocking outbound to port 22, right?  So you need to
connect to an SSH server on a high port number?  Or even on port 80.

I'm quite uncomfortable encouraging you to do what is obviously a violation
of your employer's security policy, but in WinSCP you just need to specify
the port number of your "tunnel", not 22.

If that isn't what you want, why don't you tell us exactly what it is you do
with PuTTY - all this guessing is too much like hard work.

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