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Clive Menzies clive at
Tue Jan 30 08:44:28 UTC 2007

On (29/01/07 20:13), Lorenzo Taylor wrote:
> According to Clive Menzies:
> # You might want to check out Gnopernicus:
> #
> # 
> # It is a screen reader and magnifier and it enables users with limited
> # vision, or no vision, to use the Gnome 2 desktop and Gnome/GTK+2
> # applications effectively. By providing automated focus tracking and
> # fullscreen magnification, Gnopernicus aids low-vision Gnome users.
> Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but from all I've read, Gnopernicus is
> pretty much a dead project.  Orca, however, which is primarily developed
> by Sun,has picked up development where Gnopernicus left off and is
> currently included with Gnome along with another screen reader called
> LSR, which is primarily developed by IBM.

Thanks for correcting my ignorance :)



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