Deleting from .ssh/known_hosts

Benjamin Zeller zeller at
Fri Jan 26 15:54:00 UTC 2007

On Friday 26 January 2007 16:35, Michael Satterwhite wrote:
> One of the sites I support has changed hosting companies. As a result, the
> ssh fingerprint has changed in known_hosts, preventing me from using ssh to
> connect to it.
> The fix, of course, would be to let ssh create a new fingerprint. To do
> that, I need to delete the fingerprint for the old host. As the host names
> aren't in clear text, I have no idea how to go about this. I'm sure it's
> easy, but I've looked in the man page, and it isn't obviously documented.
> Can anyone offer a suggestion. I'd rather not just delete the known_hosts
> file and let ssh rebuild everything as I move forward, but if I have to, I
> will.

At connect, ssh-client shows up the regarding line. Do vi, change to that 
line, and delete it. hostname/IP are in cleartext in known_hosts, one might 
not see it, as it's just part of the line.

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