Best Solution for Transfering Files

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Jan 24 14:19:02 UTC 2007

Amichai Rotman wrote:

> Hi all
> What would be the best solution to transfer files to my home computer from
> my work computer?
> Currently I have a CLI SSH client on the WinXP machine at work (Putty).
> I thought maybe set up an FTP server at home and transfer the files this
> way, but it seems very unsecured.
> The WinSCP client I use from my parent's house does not work for me due to
> security policies implemented  at my workplace's network...

You mean they won't let you install it?  I can't see any other way winSCP
could fail if you can run SSH.

> 2) Any way to make WinSCP (or a similar app) work?

If it's just firewalling, yes - try changing from SCP to SFTP or vice-versa.
(I have one of these restrictive workplace environments, and it can be a
real bitch trying to get files out to where _they_ want them - of course,
in the case you're asking, you're trying to put files on your home
computer, they might well consider that theft - either of data or

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