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Colin Brace wrote:
> On 1/23/07, Brian Fahrlander <brian at> wrote:
>> The movies are 24, 15-minute lectures showing the scientific
>> check-ability of the Bible. It's stunning. Like how, while it doesn't
>> detail the creation of animals, it does list the development of plants,
>> and matches the fossil record. There are dozens more. It's called "Does
>> God Exist" by John Clayton, and is freely available, including at it's
>> site,
> OK, what about the Grand Canyon? From the website:

> lol - no "scientific check-ability" here, just a bunch of
> pseudo-rational, anthropocentric clap-trap, preaching to/for the
> converted.

    Right; there are things that can't be determined. For example,
giving 1/2 a passage on each and every mammal existing today would make
a skyscraper out of the Bible; the point is, it's not there for that.
But kudos on GETTING there- most people just balk and complain, never
looking for themselves.

   (Let's keep the longer, meatier discussions off list though, aye?)

>> I'd like some meta-help on the issue; has anyone here offered
>> something by BT, as a daemon?
> All you need to do is create a .torrent file using a torrent client
> like bt-download, ktorrent, or azureus, post the torrent file to
> tracker site like mininova, and leave the client running in the
> background. It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that.

    Right; but I have a server and five workstations.  The workstations
are prone to getting switched off, or changing users...which is why I
suggested running it strictly as a server...

> Hardly a "black art" unless of course you see the hand of the Devil in
> everything.

    Uh, no.  The act of offering and trading _copyrighted_materials_ is
the black art. And while television, radio, blogs, and everything you
see will tell you any Christian is a madman, I have to insist it isn't
so. Chat me more off-list, and you'll see.

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