(K)Ubuntu & Mac OS/X

Rick Greep RickGreep at cti-consulting.com
Tue Jan 23 14:25:02 UTC 2007


> > 2. is it possible to use the existing OS/X installation and run with Xen
> > or VmWare from (k)ubuntu
> Sorry, my previous post is wrong. I misread your question.
> The right answer for n° 2 is "Not that I know".

	I am running Kubuntu (dapper) on a PowerBook G4 (PPC), and use "Mac on Linux" 
to run Mac 10.3. Currently MOL only supports the PPC processor but according 
to their FAQ they are considering support for the X86 architecture.

Rick Greep, Core Technologies, Inc.
RickGreep at cti-consulting.com
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