update manager 404 error? FIXED

David Armour d.f.armour at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 23 08:06:50 UTC 2007

David Armour <d.f.armour <at> shaw.ca> writes: 
> Jeffrey F. Bloss <jbloss <at> tampabay.rr.com> writes: 
> > David Armour wrote: 
> > > Most recent update manager notice for libc6, libc6-dev,
> > > libc6-i686 ...shows W: Failed to fetch
> > >   404 Not Found
> > I believe there was some discussion of this here recently. I think it
> > was detwemined that the ca.ubuntu.com servers are having "problems".
> > In any case, someone suggested suggested dropping the 'ca' from the
> > repository URL, thus making your source:
> > 
> If it's still hanging up on the Canadian mirror after a couple 
> of days, I'll try changing the sources.list file as you recommend.

Of course, mere minutes after posting my promise, I'm happy to report that the
problems with the Canadian mirrors appear to have been overcome. Update manager
has successfully downloaded the three remaining files without error, and updated
my system.


Regards to everyone behind the scenes for making this outcome timely & possible.

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