Turn of mail status reports

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Jan 22 14:29:53 UTC 2007

reader at newsguy.com wrote:

> Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca> writes:
>> reader at newsguy.com wrote:
>>> How do I turn off the Status reports I receive with every mail sent:
>>>  Mail Delivery Status Report will be mailed to <reader>.
>>> I don't see this in a gmane search of this list nor do I see anything
>>> in /etc/postfix/*.cf that I can recognize as being the source of these
>>> reports.
>> You should tell us what you're using to post...  It's not postfix, it's
>> your mail program.
> OK, .. but I've used mail and mailx for years and never saw this
> status report before so it is something unique to ubuntu setup.
> I'm using mailx from command line to test mail setup .... that is all
> the mailing I've done with this new install.
> I expected any reporting of the fate of mail would have to come from
> the app that sends it out... postfix.

Sorry, I guess you're right.  I would _expect_ delivery status reports to be
purely requested by the _client_ not the MTA, but I can't imagine mailx
doing that (and it certainly doesn't on my machine).  Most gui mail clients
allow you to request them always, or on a per-message basis.

Try this: http://www.postfix.org/DEBUG_README.html

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