Why is adding a new Ubuntu PC to an existing LAN such a pain?

Trevor Nye trevor.nye at trnye.fr
Sun Jan 21 12:42:03 UTC 2007

have you tried bringing the system up without the cable in the back> You 
could then at leasr try some of the suggestions.

just a thought
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>>Am Sonntag, den 21.01.2007, 00:08 +0000 schrieb Bob Adams:
>>> >Adding machines to a network without DHCP is _always a pain :) Is there
>>> >a special reason why you use static addresses?
>>> >
>>> Because I do not have a DHCP server and also because I want to use the
>>> same addresses as my Windows PC's.
>>Eh? What do you mean?
> You know what I mean! The same address range of course.
> And it wouldn't be a pain at all if the install script just asked a
> simple "DHCP? Yes/No" question.
> As for other comments later in this thread from users who have clearly
> not actually tried what I am describing, I would like to know how on
> earth one is supposed to enter scripts, setup, etc, etc, when the PC is
> not responding to any commands. No shell, no menu activity, nothing. All
> you can do to get back some control is to reboot and that is far too
> like Windows for my liking.
>        Bob
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