Why is adding a new Ubuntu PC to an existing LAN such a pain?

Bob Adams bob55 at ntlworld.com
Sun Jan 21 00:11:57 UTC 2007

In message <1169336453.15221.102.camel at development>, John R Cichy
<john at greengator.com> writes
>On Sat, 2007-01-20 at 23:26 +0000, Bob Adams wrote:
>> >
>> >How are you getting your IP address initially? Do you have a DHCP server
>> >running?
>> >
>> No, no DHCP server present so I'm using (or trying to) static addresses.
>> This is quite likely the reason for the hangs (Ubuntu assumes a server
>> will be present which is not a really good idea.)
>During the install you are given the choice to use static or DHCP, you
>should be putting your static in at this time.
Apart from being asked my name and what language my keyboard used, I
don't recall many other questions and certainly nothing about networking
during the install. You're not getting confused with Fedora are you? :-)

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