No Network

Darren linuxn00b at
Fri Jan 19 07:44:25 UTC 2007

Hi Guys,
This afternoon I had to turn off my Ubuntu 6.10 Server, all went well 
and normal but since booting the machine backup I am unable to see 
anything on my network and I am unable to connect to any of the services 
(ssh, samba, squid or apache) from any of the other machines on the network.

Networking appears to have started ok, I am able to ping my box's own IP 
but from the other machines (windows) I get 'Request Timed Out' and 
pinging out of the network from the linux box comes back as 'Destination 
Host Unreachable'.

I am using static IP's setup as the following in my interfaces file

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

This machine connects to a switch and off to a router which does it's 
own pppoe connection so in effect this box sits behind a router, all of 
the other machines on the network are fine.

The only clue that I possibly have is it appears to be transmitting data 
but not receiving anything at all.

I have just removed iptables to no avail as well.

Should you have any idea's that would be great, at this stage 
screenshots are a touch difficult.



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