Ubuntu on a Compaq Proliant DL360

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Thu Jan 18 18:29:21 UTC 2007

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Ben Edwards wrote:
> I am fairly sure you need The Alternative Install CD to do RAID. It
> can be downloaded from the normal place.

    I can verify this; I recently installed from the alternate CD,
pointed out two regular drives as raid, attached them to the root drive
and made it without any tarballs or incantations.  While it didn't have
a raid controller, I'm sure that's just a matter of it using a driver,
and would go about it the same way.

    The only concern is in a root array; work there has slipped a bit-
distros like Redhat's let you do that from the "garden path" of the
desktop GUI, but it *can* be done.   It's just not direct, not automatic.

    Clearly, though, rough edges like this tend to get sorted out in
wise, long-term-view sorts of ways; it'll be worth the wait, I'm sure.
Ubuntu, like Debian before it, is very well organized.  And this, from a
guy who was with Redhat from 4.0->FC5!


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