What's happened to the, "System," menu in Feisty?

Constantine Evans constantine at evanslabs.org
Wed Jan 17 23:55:32 UTC 2007

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
> It's because the gnome menu has recently been revised, and now all the
> items that used to be in the "Preferences" and "Administration" menu,
> have been put in a "Control Center". The problem I had was that after
> upgrading Feisty, there was no icon to access the control center ! 
> But then I logged out and back in again, and hey presto, the icon for
> the control center appeared at the top of the system menu ! 
> Hope that works for you.
> That said, after playing a bit with that control center, I find it a
> disaster, usability wise, compared to the previous/simple menu
> organization. I think a control center could still be a good idea, but
> at very least, the current design needs some work. All IMHO of
> course ;-)

Apart from being a disaster usability wise, it is also a disaster from
the standpoint of safety. Supposedly innocuous things like removing
controls from the control panel have side effects like *removing
everything in your home directory* (bug #78500).

>From a historical perspective, we (GNOME) migrated away from a control
center years ago (I don't remember exactly when - was it the 1.4 -> 2.0
transition?), and most people seemed to agree that the change was very
good from a usability standpoint. Why are we moving back to it now? I'm
rather less active in such things than I was before, so I'm not sure
what is going on.


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