Avidmux too clunky is Cinerra for me?

Ben Edwards funkytwig at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 10:12:23 UTC 2007

I have in the past used various video editing systems such as Avid,
Final Cut Pro, SpeedRazer).  I wanted something to chop out adverts of
xvid .avi files I have created on my MythTV box (a linux system for
recording TV).

I have been using avidemux which works but is very fiddly.  The good
thing about it is it is very quick to save the final .avi (it douse
not have to re-encode the whole thing, it can simply copies from the
original).  It is possible to 'scrub' to roughly find the begining/end
of the adverts but then you can only either play at normal speed (not
backwards), go forward/back 1 frame or forward/back to next key-frame.
 In all the other systems I have used it is possible to play
forward/reverse and speed up/slow down from between 1/10 times of
actual speed.  This means it is fairly quick to get to the frame you
want and if you overshoot this can be corrected easily.    You can not
even use the cursor key to move forward back, you have to click on the
buttons with the mouse.

So I was wondering if Cenerra was the answer.  I guess it has the
standard 1/10 times forward reverse and allows you to use the cursor
key to go back/forward.  The question is how quick it is to load/save
avi files.  Douse it have to convert to load then transcode to save?

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