Avidmux too clunky is Cinerra for me?

Jaime Davila jdavila at hampshire.edu
Wed Jan 17 15:22:18 UTC 2007

Ben Edwards wrote:
> I have in the past used various video editing systems such as Avid,
> Final Cut Pro, SpeedRazer).  I wanted something to chop out adverts of
> xvid .avi files I have created on my MythTV box (a linux system for
> recording TV).
> I have been using avidemux which works but is very fiddly.  The good
> thing about it is it is very quick to save the final .avi (it douse
> not have to re-encode the whole thing, it can simply copies from the
> original).  It is possible to 'scrub' to roughly find the begining/end
> of the adverts but then you can only either play at normal speed (not
> backwards), go forward/back 1 frame or forward/back to next key-frame.
>  In all the other systems I have used it is possible to play
> forward/reverse and speed up/slow down from between 1/10 times of
> actual speed.  This means it is fairly quick to get to the frame you
> want and if you overshoot this can be corrected easily.    You can not
> even use the cursor key to move forward back, you have to click on the
> buttons with the mouse.
> So I was wondering if Cenerra was the answer.  I guess it has the
> standard 1/10 times forward reverse and allows you to use the cursor
> key to go back/forward.  The question is how quick it is to load/save
> avi files.  Douse it have to convert to load then transcode to save?
> Regards,
> Ben

Do you mean cinelerra? I've found cinelerra to be able to do anything 
you can do in other, non-free editing packages. It in fact has more 
options that I actually need, which makes doing the simple stuff I want 
to do somewhat more complicated, since I have to navigate through a 
bunch of options.

To do what you describe, I would use kino. But if you plan on getting 
fancy later on, maybe you want to spend some time learning how to use 


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