Unsupported: Epson Photo R360

John Mark Walker johnmark at johnmark.org
Tue Jan 16 18:36:16 UTC 2007

You want "pipslite" - I have the r380 printer, which is very similar
to the r360.

You can get pipslite, which is GPL'd, at

I used alien to convert the RPM to a .deb. I also had to edit
/etc/ekpdrc to replace "/dev/usb/lp0" with "/dev/usblp0" which is
where the device was actually created - YMMV. Then you run a file
called "pipslite-install" which is in /usr/local/EPAva/LITE/  After
that, you add the new printer via an admin tool, and you'll need to
manually add the PPD file that the install program should have placed
in /usr/share/cups/model/

All in all, I hope someone picks it up and puts it in a debian or
ubuntu repository. The only thing I can't do with it is print on CD's.


On 1/16/07, Rich Lott <rl5 at shinyblue.net> wrote:
> I looked on http://openprinting.org/ before buying this printer, which was
> reported to work "Mostly". Turns out I didn't spot the fact that this
> information was not verified, and seems to be completely wrong.
> Whenever I send anything to print (eg. the test page that CUPS makes) the
> printer immediately (i.e. even before gutenprint has finished processing the
> file) starts feeding pages through and doesn't stop, not even if you press
> the red "Stop/Clear" button on the printer.
> Has anyone else got this printer and did you get it working?
> Any help much appreciated.
> thanks,
> rich
> ===== Details follow =====
> I've tried the following drivers for R300 and R340 (nearest matches):
> - CUPS + Gutenprint v5.0.0
> Foomatic/Gutenprint-ijs-simplified 5.0
> Foomatic/Gutenprint-ijs 5.0
> All exibit the same behaviour.
> I'm using (K)ubuntu Edgy with the following software:
> foomatic-db/edgy uptodate 20060918-0ubuntu2
> foomatic-db-engine/edgy uptodate 3.0.2-20060925-0ubuntu1
> foomatic-db-gutenprint/edgy uptodate 5.0.0-2ubuntu2
> foomatic-db-hpijs/edgy uptodate 20060925-0ubuntu1
> foomatic-filters/edgy uptodate 3.0.2-20060918-0ubuntu1
> foomatic-filters-ppds/edgy uptodate 20060530-2
> foomatic-db-gutenprint/edgy uptodate 5.0.0-2ubuntu2
> ijsgutenprint/edgy uptodate 5.0.0-2ubuntu2
> libgutenprint2/edgy uptodate 5.0.0-2ubuntu2
> cupsys/edgy uptodate 1.2.4-2ubuntu3
> cupsys-bsd/edgy uptodate 1.2.4-2ubuntu3
> cupsys-client/edgy uptodate 1.2.4-2ubuntu3
> cupsys-common/edgy uptodate 1.2.4-2ubuntu3
> cupsys-driver-gutenprint/edgy uptodate 5.0.0-2ubuntu2
> libcupsys2/edgy uptodate 1.2.4-2ubuntu3
> libcupsys2-dev/edgy uptodate 1.2.4-2ubuntu3
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