anacron and cron and laptop usage

Georg Sauthoff g_sauthoff at
Tue Jan 16 10:20:14 UTC 2007

On 2007-01-15, Bill Marcum <marcumbill at> wrote:


> You can change 7.30 to whatever time is convenient for you. You might 

sure - my point is just: no fixed time suites everyone - but a
distribution should provide defaults that make sense to as many
people as possible.

> even set the BIOS to wake up at that time. It shouldn't hurt to run 
> anacron more than once per day.  There is probably some simple way to 

Yes, it doesn't hurt - but I don't like that 'polling' approach.

> make anacron run on resume, perhaps by a script in /etc/acpi/resume.d.  
> Note that the cron.daily tasks tend to take a lot of cpu time.

Or one could use a cron daemon, where you are able to specify execution
times like '7.30h or first time after that, but only once a day'. If the
daemon uses sleep(3) this behaviour should be trivial to implement.

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