Dual Boot Ubuntu & Kubuntu

jose javier parra sanchez jojapasa at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 16:07:51 UTC 2007

Hi Donald. There's no need to dual boot. At the login screen (gdm/kdm), you
can select the desktop you want, kde,gome,xfce, etc. It depends on what you
install. If you start installing Kubuntu, and want to install Ubuntu (
really the same, just the desktop is different), just use your favorite apt
tool and do -> sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop , that will install the
basic desktop for that environment. And on the login screen select Gnome
instead of Kde if you want to see the gnome desktop. The same applies to
Xfce ( sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ).

2007/1/14, Donald Iddings <iddingdj05 at comcast.net>:
> former Mandriva user & more used to the KDE desktop, new Ubuntu user &
> like it lots, but wanted to try Kubuntu as uses the KDE desktop , can I
> install Kubuntu on the same pc & dual boot between Ubuntu & Kubuntu?
> It's a good strong pc bout 2 years old built it myself, plenty of
> storage space left, 1G of ram, 2.8Ghz cpu so from hrdw perspective can
> more than handle it.
> iddingdj05 at comcast.net
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