Core Due for Ubuntu

SteVe Cook yorvik.ubunto at
Sat Jan 13 21:25:51 UTC 2007

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
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> OOzy Pal wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is it worth it to buy the new Core Due (or 64bit) laptop to use it to
>> for Linux. As you know it is more expesnive than the Centrenos?
>> Do you recommend any?
>     Plan to drill for oil?  Got 345,000 maps to process before ya do?
>     Nah; one of the great things about Linux (in general) is how well it
> runs on 10-year-old hardware.  If you want to game, get a PS3/etc; all
> this CPU-hype is largely to run the anti-bot, and anti-anti-bot software
> you'd likely pick up on "the other leading brand".
>     Video starts being useful at about 2,000 bogoMips; a decent P2.
> Anything newer is just "gravy".  There are lots of salvage-shops out
> there; check for compatibility ('cause it's a laptop)
> ( but there's no need to shell out $2,0000 or more
> for decent performance.
If I was buy a new system now, the one thing I would do is make sure I 
got the most memory my budget would allow.  It doesn't matter about the 
speed of the cpu if it's strangled by low memory.


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