No GCJ, only Sun Java5: how??

Ringo De Smet ringods at
Thu Jan 11 14:50:34 UTC 2007

--- Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:

> Ringo De Smet wrote:
> > If I install gcj together with Tomcat, when I remove gcj afterwards,
> > Tomcat is gone too, since you removed its dependency.
> That sounds very much like an assumption.  Show me the logs.  I'm
> suggesting
> that something _other_ than tomcat is going to get removed.

No assumption! I really performed the installation of Tomcat 5.5 + GCJ.
After the installation, I selected gcj-4.1-base for removal in Synaptic.
When I do that, a popup comes up with a number of other packages it wants
to remove. In that list are tomcat5.5, tomcat5.5-admin and
tomcat5.5-webapps. When I press apply, every trace of these packages is
gone again. When I try to unmark the tomcat5.5 packages, everything is
unmarked again. So no go.

> > You say that it is not Tomcat that is insisting. I think it is. If I
> > select Tomcat 5.5, a set of GCJ/GIJ related packages need to be
> installed.
> > I don't see any other package in between that would insist...
> If you're not interested in actually investigating, I'm not interested in
> helping.  You know it's possible, you know tomcat has no absolute
> dependency on gcj, the rest is up to you.

Well, I investigated some more based on the provides/depends relationship
of the packages tomcat5.5 and sun-java5-jre. According this information it
should work. However, I now went over the complete list of dependencies and
this way I found the culprit:

tomcat5.5 depends explicitely on ecj-bootstrap, and this latter package
insists on GCJ/GIJ stuff. If I compare that to the tomcat5 (5.0) package,
the dependency on ecj-bootstrap is not there. Should I file a bug report?


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