Ubuntu causing a "CPU Fan Failed" problem on restart

Gilles Gravier Gilles at Gravier.org
Thu Jan 11 12:24:22 UTC 2007


You may just be hitting a coincidence.

Have you tried blowing dry clean air on the CPU fan? Sometimes, after a 
bit of use, dust accumulates around the fans, often under the fan, 
around the axis... and the friction is enough to slow down (sometimes 
even halt) the fan's engine (these engines are extremely weak to use as 
little energy as possible). Simply blowing air from a dry air bottle 
might fix your issue. :)

I've seen that happen several times.


Craig Hagerman wrote:
> HI,
> I have had a strange problem for months that I have just ignored but I 
> would really like to fix it. The problem is that if I restart Ubuntu, 
> during the BIOS start up it stops with a (audio) warning "CPU Fan 
> Failed!"
> As far as I can remember this happened after I reinstalled and set up 
> Ubuntu (I changed from using the 64-bit version, by wiping the disc 
> and installing the 32-bit version and then installing all the extra 
> apps I use etc) At first I took off the computer cover and looked at 
> the CPU fan. (Following the on screen instructions) I pressed F1 to 
> continue loading the OS. As far as I could tell the fan WAS working 
> correctly. Since then just in case, whenever I have to restart I just 
> shutdown and then push the power button by hand to restart.
> A few days ago I restarted to boot into windows to play a game and 
> just hit F1 to continue after getting that "CPU fan failed" warning. 
> After a few minutes the computer briefly froze and then abrubtly 
> turned off. I restarted and found out the CPU was REALLY REALLY hot. 
> (Crashed due to overheating I guess.) The CPU fan IS turning, but 
> maybe after that warning it is too slow or something.
> Does anyone have any idea why this is happening. I know people will 
> say it is a BIOS problem but I am convinced it is a problem with a 
> Linux setting. If I log into Windows and restart it does not have that 
> problem. Likewise, when I had another partition with debian installed 
> and restarted from there I got no such warning. But I consistently get 
> a CPU fan warning after restarting from Ubuntu. Note - I am using 
> lm-sensors, but have never had a problem with it on any previous 
> installation, and if I manually kill all of its related processes it 
> doesn't affect the CPU fan problem on restart.
> Craig

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