Ubuntu causing a "CPU Fan Failed" problem on restart

Craig Hagerman craighagerman at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 11:46:42 UTC 2007


I have had a strange problem for months that I have just ignored but I would
really like to fix it. The problem is that if I restart Ubuntu, during the
BIOS start up it stops with a (audio) warning "CPU Fan Failed!"

As far as I can remember this happened after I reinstalled and set up Ubuntu
(I changed from using the 64-bit version, by wiping the disc and installing
the 32-bit version and then installing all the extra apps I use etc) At
first I took off the computer cover and looked at the CPU fan. (Following
the on screen instructions) I pressed F1 to continue loading the OS. As far
as I could tell the fan WAS working correctly. Since then just in case,
whenever I have to restart I just shutdown and then push the power button by
hand to restart.

A few days ago I restarted to boot into windows to play a game and just hit
F1 to continue after getting that "CPU fan failed" warning. After a few
minutes the computer briefly froze and then abrubtly turned off. I restarted
and found out the CPU was REALLY REALLY hot. (Crashed due to overheating I
guess.) The CPU fan IS turning, but maybe after that warning it is too slow
or something.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening. I know people will say it
is a BIOS problem but I am convinced it is a problem with a Linux setting.
If I log into Windows and restart it does not have that problem. Likewise,
when I had another partition with debian installed and restarted from there
I got no such warning. But I consistently get a CPU fan warning after
restarting from Ubuntu. Note - I am using lm-sensors, but have never had a
problem with it on any previous installation, and if I manually kill all of
its related processes it doesn't affect the CPU fan problem on restart.

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