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Wed Jan 10 21:22:18 UTC 2007

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Chanchao wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-01-10 at 01:44 -0500, Jeffrey F. Bloss wrote:
>> Stop and think for a second. After 15+ years of Linux development since
>> kernel 1.0, and God knows how many years of Unix development before
>> that, this still "Happens".
> Don't get me started on all the glitches and weird things that still
> happen after 15 years, mostly in the usability area. :)

   Notice it's in usability...not viruses or reboots.  This maturity
isn't going away unless all copies of the source is deleted from all the
 computers...not a change in marketing perspective, like the other
leading brand.  And that's why I'm forgiving of it.

> It may actually be related to another long-time thing that irks me and
> isn't even GUI related;  if you have a terminal / SSH connection open
> and you're running an application and for whatever reason the connection
> gets lost, then you connect again and 'ps -A' tells you that application
> (with 4 pages of text in it that you wrote the last hour) is still
> running, then I'd like to go grab that application back to my new
> terminal!!! It would then get reassigned from the user-session that was
> lost to my current session. 

   Yeah, I hate that, too; it's a rough edge.  There used to be a a
concept in Unix where you were only permitted seeing your _own_
processes.  But it would be cool if it were more human-readable, no?

> There you go again... "if it is outside of my scope of The Way Things
> Should Be then go use Windows 95 or an abacus". :)   A system can be
> secure AND polished in the way it handles security.  Actually the more
> polished it is, the more secure it is because people will understand it
> better / quicker;  Currently people are tempted to go run as root which
> would be bad. 

    No, you need to understand; a "yes-man" OS which does literally
everything a user asks was DOS. We saw where that wound up. I can't tell
you how tired I got of replacing the entire OS, and how happy I am to
enter a password to step outside my usual envelope to do things...carefully.

   That been said, I also understand the total novice user wanting to
get the basics done. (See also: my Mom, age 76.) But for most things,
this is already in place.  Email, browsing, composing letters, music,
whatever requires no password.  That's pretty good.  As time goes by,
you'll see more of this.

> Improved. Polished. Not undermined.

    Yeah, I'd say that's the way it is...and never complete; it only
gets better (except in the case of Novel and it's unwise decisions..)


    Understand it's not perfect, but it just keeps getting better.
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