Maybe Time for a media iso

Rebel Lion obsidion at
Wed Jan 10 20:40:46 UTC 2007

On Thursday 11 January 2007 08:37, Carsten Aulbert wrote:
> Oliver Grawert wrote:
> > you can do that if you live on the moon or mars or anywhere else where
> > patent lawyers dont get you ;) its simply illegal to promote mp3
> > decoding without paying for the patent. lots of the codecs have similar
> > problems ...
> I might be wrong, but at least in the case of mp3 I'm pretty sure, that
> decoding is royalty free (moneywise), only encoding to mp3 is a problem.
> For most other codecs it's the same, decoding is free to promote it,
> encoding is the way to get revenue.

  Then making the iso of the multiverse and universe repos without selling or 
sending out the cd via shipit should not breech any laws as you are not 
providing a physical medium. Or if they are sold that way pay the royalty fee 
and pass on the cost, possibly against the spirit of Ubuntu but it may be the 
only way things can go realistically.

BOFH excuse #284:

Electrons on a bender

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