Vote for new Ubuntu Feature---Let's try it again --- and without getting all religious about it

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Jan 10 14:23:03 UTC 2007

Chanchao wrote:

> It may actually be related to another long-time thing that irks me and
> isn't even GUI related;  if you have a terminal / SSH connection open
> and you're running an application and for whatever reason the connection
> gets lost, then you connect again and 'ps -A' tells you that application
> (with 4 pages of text in it that you wrote the last hour) is still
> running, then I'd like to go grab that application back to my new
> terminal!!! It would then get reassigned from the user-session that was
> lost to my current session.

I very much doubt the underlying cryptography permits that - nor should it. 
That would permit a malicious user to hijack a connection (assuming they
had already compromised the pass-phrases).
> I want the OS to handle system security, and the way Gedit runs and who
> runs it. :P
> [now someone is going to tell me to go code it or pay someone to code it,
> [I can feel it]

No, but now you're in workable territory - I _do_ think this has to be
handled at the application, not the OS level.

> There you go again... "if it is outside of my scope of The Way Things
> Should Be then go use Windows 95 or an abacus". :)   A system can be
> secure AND polished in the way it handles security.  Actually the more
> polished it is, the more secure it is because people will understand it
> better / quicker;  Currently people are tempted to go run as root which
> would be bad.

Yes.  I agree with that completely.  The easier it is to get root privilege
_only_ when needed, the less it gets abused.  Look at all the daemons that
really do need special privilege.  They used to simply 'run as root'.  Now
they run at the privilege level they really require - for just as long as
they need it, then they drop all extra privileges.

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