GNU/Linux based CAD Environment;

Yagnesh Desai ynd at
Wed Jan 10 10:46:46 UTC 2007

Dear Thomas;

Great that you have pointed out the Varkon.  I will surly try
it out.

Just for your information debian has it in its repository what
we can do is try to install it from Debian's archive.

On the CAD based distribution I have a wild thought:
I think one can start a distributing "CAD addons" for linux.
>From this place Source codes of such software would be linked
to and also a compiled .iso image would be available so after installing
your favorite Linux distribution (ubuntu/fedora) you just drop in
this "CAD addons" CD and the cad environment get installed.

Since ubuntu or Fedora for that matter will not like a CAD installation
in the base installation. Considering the lesser usage.

What do you say.


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