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Wed Jan 10 04:20:12 UTC 2007

On 1/9/07, Jeffrey F. Bloss <jbloss at> wrote:
> User Iam wrote:
> > > > It is not a bad thing....
> > >
> > > It's a bad practice. If nothing unexpected happens it's neither a
> > > good nor bad "thing", but logging in as root increases the chances
> > > that bad things can happen considerably. If there's no pressing
> > > reason to do so, plain vanilla common sense dictates it's something
> > > you should avoid.
> [...]
> > And I agree
> >
> > And I will continue to use root when ever I need/want to.
> > It is a FREE country..or so they say.  <hehe>
> Nobody here is trying to tell you you can't log in as root. It's your
> foot, by all means feel free to shoot away. Aside from the remote chance
> that your questionable administrative practices might result in a
> compromised machine that's used to make our lives nominally less
> joyful, I doubt anyone really cares how you run your affairs.
> Truth is, some of us who make or have made a living in part by mopping
> up after sloppy "admins", might even thank you. I wish I had a nickel
> for every person who came to me with that "you'll never guess what I
> did even after you said I shouldn't" look in their eye over the years.
> Oh wait... I do. :)
> But your freedom and my wallet aside, there's a huge difference between
> doing something yourself and telling other people it's OK just because
> *you* choose to do things in a sub-ideal way for whatever reason. If
> it's your "thing" then so be it, but please don't try to defend the
> indefensible in a public forum. It does nobody any good at all, least
> of all new readers who are struggling to begin with, and I can almost
> guarantee it will never be a pleasant experience for you personally...

These things never end...

I have been an admin for years...

And I am every bit as qualified as the next person.

Very few things are for certain any more.

Even gravity is being threatened..

Good Luck....

I will let someone with more time take up the argument!! <hehe>

User Iam
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