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Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at
Wed Jan 10 03:54:50 UTC 2007

User Iam wrote:

> > > It is not a bad thing....
> >
> > It's a bad practice. If nothing unexpected happens it's neither a
> > good nor bad "thing", but logging in as root increases the chances
> > that bad things can happen considerably. If there's no pressing
> > reason to do so, plain vanilla common sense dictates it's something
> > you should avoid.


> And I agree
> And I will continue to use root when ever I need/want to.
> It is a FREE country..or so they say.  <hehe>

Nobody here is trying to tell you you can't log in as root. It's your
foot, by all means feel free to shoot away. Aside from the remote chance
that your questionable administrative practices might result in a
compromised machine that's used to make our lives nominally less
joyful, I doubt anyone really cares how you run your affairs. 

Truth is, some of us who make or have made a living in part by mopping
up after sloppy "admins", might even thank you. I wish I had a nickel
for every person who came to me with that "you'll never guess what I
did even after you said I shouldn't" look in their eye over the years.

Oh wait... I do. :)

But your freedom and my wallet aside, there's a huge difference between
doing something yourself and telling other people it's OK just because
*you* choose to do things in a sub-ideal way for whatever reason. If
it's your "thing" then so be it, but please don't try to defend the
indefensible in a public forum. It does nobody any good at all, least
of all new readers who are struggling to begin with, and I can almost
guarantee it will never be a pleasant experience for you personally...

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