Vote for new Ubuntu Feature---Let's try it again

Wulfy wulfmann at
Tue Jan 9 23:27:53 UTC 2007

Jeffrey F. Bloss wrote:
> Wulfy wrote:
>> I'm currently running Debian Sarge so I don't use sudo.
>> OK.  Let's work this through.  If I sudo <command> (and am authorised
>> to so that command) my privileges are upped to root (or whatever is
>> given to me in the sudoers file).  Does that only work for that one
>> command? 
> Yes. Once the command or session is finished your admin privileges are
> "revoked". If you want to be like superuser again you need to reissue
> the sudo command.
>> Do I have to use sudo for every command and put my password
>> in each time?
> Yes and no. Sudo "remembers" your password for a time, so if you're
> issuing several commands in succession you need only enter it once.
Thanks for the explanation, Jeffrey.  :@)



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