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Tue Jan 9 16:19:40 UTC 2007

Am Mon, 8. January 2007 21:17 schrieb Jeffrey F. Bloss:
> email.listen at googlemail.com wrote:
> > I have to say that I only used CAD Systems for mecanical / precission
> > engineering design not for architecture. But I may mention two
> > candidates which may fit your uncles needs. Both use ACAD's file
> > format or are able to import it.
> I have to say that I don't use any CAD software for anything more
> critical than installing it and poking around. I use to build/maintain
> a considerable number of machines used in tool shops and manufacturing
> environments so I guess having CAD software installed and knowing how
> to at least start it up and make a pretty picture appear on the screen
> is habit. Anyway, I ran across this the other day...
> http://www.tech.oru.se/cad/varkon/
> The screen shots look pretty spiffy. I have no clue what so ever
> about its suitability for a real designer, FOSS (whatever that
> is), compatibility with ACAD file formats, or even if you can get the
> beast in any language but Swedish (it seems the help and dialogs are
> English but the buttons and menus are in some Martian dialect). ;)

It's Swedish, so at least an Earthian language. ;-)

Varcon's stregth are it's customisation capabilities. It's one of the most 
flexible CAD Environments and to my opinion the most flexible one which is 
offered in the free software world.

A lot of modules can be found on the Varcon comunity site at 

Varcons roots are in the aeronautic design field so thats why Varcon is one of 
the most powerfull freeshape (Freiform in German) modellers. Such 
capabilities are a must for designing complex shapes e.g. an airplane-wing 
surface structure. You may see this in some of the examples given at the 
examples section on varkon.org.

Given that there is a proper customisation and configuration it will be very 
powerfull 3D designer for architecture.

BTW. I would be glad to see a CADUbuntu flavour based on tools like Varcon.
I will bet that this will bring at least as many new users than one of the 
other ubuntu flavours. But it also will need as many manpower than a 

Under strategic aspects this may have the same impact on the CAD field than 
GNU/Linux has in the field of operating Systems in a long run. The CAD field 
has many technical and economical aspects as we know it from the field of 
database systems like postgresql and mysql.


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