mkswap'd my root partition

Joan Tur joantur at
Mon Jan 8 19:26:27 UTC 2007

Es Dilluns, 8 de Gener de 2007 19:48, en Michał Sznajder va escriure:
| Hi
| After upgrade from Dapper to Edgy I have lost hibernate functionality.
| After some goggling I have found out that swap is not on. I found magic
| command but unfortunately CR/LF got into my copy&pasted line and I have
| mkswapped my root partition. Not so bad so far. ;) I have panicked a little
| bit and rebooted: system was not getting up. With help of boot CD I managed
| to use e2fsck and make my root mountable again (yup - 1st super block was
| down of course).
| Right now system is booting, I am able login to Gnome, but I cannot install
| any new software. Neither synaptic nor apt-get works. It looks like
| /var/../dpkg/ got broken.
| Is it possible to make kind of in-place installation ? Or reinitialize
| somehow dpkg database?
I also had that problem, and I found the solution in a spanish site:

Steps are:

1. swap gets corrupted, so you have to reformat it, then make it available:
mkswap /dev/sda7 (change to match your profile) ; swapon -a

2. you have to modify /etc/fstab to match your swap's UUID (it changes 
everytime it's formatted)... or you can change it to the old format (I've 
done so): /dev/sda7 in my case

3. you have to change /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume to match either your 
UUID or /dev entry (same as before); then run update-initramfs -u

And (hopefully) it's done!  ;)

Joan Tur (aka Quini), Eivissa-Spain
    Jabber: quini2k at
  Linux: usuari registrat 190.783
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