USB not working in Dapper or Edgy

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Jan 8 17:30:53 UTC 2007

Sundar Nagarajan wrote:

> mike williams wrote:
>> Im using Edgy now,although I had the same problem in Dapper with USB not
>> working(not a single device,printer,mouse,HD,etc...), but in Windows I
>> don't have a problem with that,all of those things work fine.I also
>> included the DMESG outout incase anyone needs it
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Do you have the usbhid module loaded? (lsmod | grep usbhid). This was
> the problem once on one of my boxes. I have added usbhid to /etc/modules
> which contains the list of modules to be loaded at boot time.
> I believe ubuntu should auto-detect the USB mouse and load usbhid, but
> in my case, I believe I didn't have the mouse pluged in while booting,
> and subsequently plugging the mouse in didn't work.

That would only have an effect on mice, touchpads and keyboard, iirc.

It shouldn't make a difference to printers, drives and memory sticks.

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