Bye to Unbuntu

ac "aec$news" at
Mon Jan 8 17:50:11 UTC 2007

Anthony M Simonelli wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 17:17 +0100, Knapp wrote:
>> Are you saying you're going to use OpenSuse instead of Ubuntu?   I
>> couldn't leave the Debian based distros.  If I were ever to leave
>> Ubuntu, it would be for Debian.  I just like running a current desktop
>> and current Gnome, which Ubuntu provides.
>> On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 10:19 -0500, Julian Alarcon wrote:
>> > JEJE, and I chose Ubuntu 3 Months ago upper Opensuse.. JEJEJE..
>> Saying goodbye to Ubuntu for some other distro is one thing but Suse?
>> Is that not a bit like getting on the titanic after it hits the
>> iceberg? Sure it is a nice ship with a good design but?
>> Douglas
> There are people who question Shuttleworth and Canonical's motive behind
> Ubuntu and the "corporate involvement" makes people suspicious, but
> openSuse?  I tried out 10.2 and I actually had to agree to a license
> agreement from Novell!  The only times I've had to do that was for
> Lin/Freespire (understandable), Fedora and openSuse.  This doesn't seem
> 'free' to me.  OpenSuse seems like one of those distros that assumes the
> user is clueless and tries to do everything for the user automagically
> and is heavily customized while Ubuntu seems to stay a hacker distro
> while being a convenient Debian.  Am I totally off or does anyone agree?

agree. Also the customisation of open source such as OO.o with other 
large proprietary software companies not only in the background but 
also actually *on board* is the last straw.

I trust canonical wants to make a profit sometime. I have no problems 
with that at all. However, the OS is expected to continue to be free.

A recent academic analysis of MS position concluded that MS could 
reduce its price or even give windoze free, and still survive. 
However, after using linux for a very few years now I would not use 
windoz even if someone gave me money to do it. And that has surprised me.

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