error messages installing .deb file

Yagnesh Desai ynd at
Mon Jan 8 11:52:44 UTC 2007

Dear Weaver;

What I use to do was from the Nautilus double click
the .deb file and it would try installing using
Package Manager where the error are easy to Ctrl+C
and Ctrl+V into a text editor like openoffice writer.

You are not using apt-get install hence it seems that
you are trying to install the package on the
m/c without internet connection is it true. . . ?
If yes then post your question to get help
on installing doing it offline.




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Subject: error messages installing .deb file
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Does anyone know a way of copying text in Terminal to the clipboard so I
can paste it into a document in Openoffice Writer or whatever thing for
reading text?
I ask because with me being Totally Blind reviewing the error messages
when I type the terminal command to install the package when trying to
install Network Manager seems a bit long winded, it is not as simple as
doing CTRLA and going into something like Nano or VI or even going back
to the Gnome Desktop and pasting it into Writer and someone seemed a bit
impatient with me as a new user because I couldn't say what the error
messages were when trying to install this .deb package I got using
Firefox in Windows.
I started to write it out but I kept getting lost trying to review it.
It was some kind of dependency error where files I think like libnl1.
libnm-util or something like that and there was another package name
wcouldn't be installed and it seemed to be questioning the need for
these 3 files.
I am still a bit of a Newby to Ubuntu and have only managed to install
one package so far when I was at my LUG which was the S-Backup
application which unfortunately didn't work with speech or it didn't
with the early version of Orca I had.
The chap trying to help me install Ubuntu on my Desktop took away my
Edgy disk that I managed to burn to see if it was causing the problems I
was having with installing it ie the Grub not being installed on the
hard drive so I haven't got my Edgy Desktop CD and don't have any CDs to
burn a new copy on as most of the disks I have are DVDs.

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