Bye to Unbuntu

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Mon Jan 8 10:26:17 UTC 2007


Chanchao wrote:

> * Ubuntu is ONE CD that's a 'live' trial CD AND install. This results in
> a very lean default system that DOES have all the basics AND is
> completely configured ready to go.

Well sort of. I experienced cases where the live system had functionality
that the installed system missed afterwards and vice versa.
Furthermore it would be fair to compare the ubuntu _DVD_ with SUSEs DVD

> OpenSuSE however contains a mix of Gnome and KDE applications and comes
> on multiple discs (or a DVD). Much longer installation process. Lots of
> stuff that inevitably not everyone needs.  Overall it's pretty messy in
> the way you configure things, settings & control panels are all over the
> place. Many applications that overlap in functionality.. I would NOT put
> this in front of anyone, (especially not human beings).    Plus hardware
> wasn't recognised as well as Ubuntu does.  
> Very core things, like screen 
> and sound and network and ......

I disagree on this one, otherwise I would not have had the need to
change. ;-))
> Oh yes, Suse had some nice desktop backgrounds which I kept.  Can't
> think of anything else that was positive about it.
Well, it depends. I found the Ubuntu desktops much more apalling ;-)

Seriously, Ubuntu is really great but imho one of the key benefits of
opensource is that you have a choice.
Ex. I will be happy to use and promote Ubuntu in the future but when Ubuntu
does not work and ex. SUSE does, I will have a choice.

> Cheers,
> Chanchao

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