Bye to Unbuntu

Chanchao custom at
Mon Jan 8 08:27:29 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 12:53 -0600, Anthony M Simonelli wrote:

> OpenSuse seems like one of those distros that assumes the
> user is clueless and tries to do everything for the user automagically
> and is heavily customized while Ubuntu seems to stay a hacker distro
> while being a convenient Debian.  Am I totally off or does anyone agree?

Well.. no.  I wouldn't call Ubuntu a hacker distribution, far from it,
(it's 'for human beings' and all that), but I also wouldn't call it not
suitable for hackers, just as far from it. :) 

* Ubuntu is ONE CD that's a 'live' trial CD AND install. This results in
a very lean default system that DOES have all the basics AND is
completely configured ready to go.  

OpenSuSE however contains a mix of Gnome and KDE applications and comes
on multiple discs (or a DVD). Much longer installation process. Lots of
stuff that inevitably not everyone needs.  Overall it's pretty messy in
the way you configure things, settings & control panels are all over the
place. Many applications that overlap in functionality.. I would NOT put
this in front of anyone, (especially not human beings).    Plus hardware
wasn't recognised as well as Ubuntu does.  Very core things, like screen
and sound and network and ...... 

Oh yes, Suse had some nice desktop backgrounds which I kept.  Can't
think of anything else that was positive about it.


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