Pixma MP 800 drivers?

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Sun Jan 7 23:21:55 UTC 2007

David B Teague wrote:

> Hi Eberhard
> Consumer Reports gives the Cannon multifunction marks. I'll go back and
> compare the Cannon and HP multifunction device ratings and give that
> *serious* consideration. Linux support is a big thing for me.
> David

so it is for me. And Consumer Reports are one thing, but Linux support and
performance imho are something different. Also keep in mind that Canon
recently changed to electronically "dongled" single ink cartridges, while
HP changed from multi ink to "undongled" single ink recently, as far as I
I am personally using a Multifunction HP Laserjet 3392 with perfect hplip
support for print/fax/scan and a Canon i965 inkjet printer with turboprint.
Although it is unfair to compare and turboprint is indeed excellent for
printing, the software quality that HP provides with hplip, the ease of
installation and the support quality through the hplip mailing list made it
very easy for me to decide, even if HPlip would come at a prize (it
actually is free as in beer and speech). Even if Canon would continue to
deliver "free" single ink models (they do not!), I will surely continue to
choose HP in the future, simply because their Linux Support imho deserves
it, and the products are as ok as any, at least imho.

Kind regards

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