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Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at
Sun Jan 7 22:09:25 UTC 2007

Bjørn Ingmar Berg wrote:

> My Ubuntu installation fills my entire HD.  Now, for rather
> embarassing reasons, I'd like to make my PC dualbooting and add the
> Redmond alternative OS.

Ohhhh no... it's not that easy. You don't get an answer without telling
us just what these embarrassing reasons are. In detail. <g>

Assuming you mean that Ubuntu is installed on a partition that uses
your entire hard drive, not that you have so many files you have used
up all the available space, have a look at 'qtparted' or 'gparted'.
They're both front ends to the parted command line utility. QT and
"Gnome" interfaces respectively.

I *think* they're in the standard repositories, or...


Understand that these are potentially destructive utilities by nature.
You run a risk of loosing all your data, small as that risk is. I've
been using theses types of utilities for years on my own machines
as well as those belonging to paying customers, and haven't lost so much
as a byte of data. I *still* wouldn't use one without a good set of
backups if I was at all worried about anything on the drive.

Also, you're going to find that Windows will take over boot management.
You'll want to prepare for that in advance by having grub ready to
reinstall, or some set of instructions and such handy even if it's how
to get Windows boot manager to see your Ubuntu install (if it doesn't
automagically).  It will save you from having to embarrass yourself yet
again by asking Linux questions in Linux forums sitting at a Windows
box. ;)

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