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Bjørn Ingmar Berg wrote:
> My Ubuntu installation fills my entire HD.  Now, for rather
> embarassing reasons, I'd like to make my PC dualbooting and add the
> Redmond alternative OS.
> It would be easy enough to scratch the disk, install XP on part of it,
> and then reinstall Ubuntu on the rest.  But is there a smarter more
> direct way to accomplish this?
> As a sidenote I want to say I've gotten lots of really good and useful
> help on this list.  I am very grateful for the help I get, and it
> feels good being a part of something like the Ubuntu community.  So
> again, thanks in advance!

    Adding an additional drive *is* a good idea; you might think about
running VMWare, too; rather than running Linux OR Windows, but with
VMware you can have both at the same time.

    It's actually better- you can tell VMWare to make your fresh, new,
factory-default install a "persistant" disk.  With it, you can boot the
Windows virtual machine and just clobber the hell out of it; rename all
the .dll files.  Release a known virus onto the system.  Mess it up
good.  Then, reboot the machine, and see that it's all back to happy!

    This is something Windows can't do, btw...a good reason to always
run the hapless OS in a VMWare window, rather than by itself...

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