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Clive Menzies clive at
Sun Jan 7 21:24:47 UTC 2007

On (07/01/07 22:20), Bjørn Ingmar Berg wrote:
> My Ubuntu installation fills my entire HD.  Now, for rather
> embarassing reasons, I'd like to make my PC dualbooting and add the
> Redmond alternative OS.
> It would be easy enough to scratch the disk, install XP on part of it,
> and then reinstall Ubuntu on the rest.  But is there a smarter more
> direct way to accomplish this?

A good move would be to install a second harddisk (which isn't that
difficult to do) and install windows on that.  If you make the new disk
the primary disk and the existing one either secondary or slave, the
windows install should be straightforward.  Once windows is installed
you'd need a rescue disk of some sort Knoppix or possibly even your
Ubuntu install media to reinstall grub which should give you a dual
boot system.



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