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Sat Jan 6 18:46:27 UTC 2007

Nuallain wrote:

> I'm trying to install vmware server on my new ubuntu
> installation.  I'm running ubuntu 6.06.1 and it
> appears that "make" is not installed.  Can someone
> point me in the right direction to get this installed?

In a terminal... sudo apt-get install make

You'll need numerous other packages before your installation is molded
into a "developers tool" that lets you compile kernel module stuff like
VMWare Server, such as Libtool, GCC, CPP, Autoconf/Automake, your
kernel headers and sources, X11 libraries, etc.

There's a howto that should walk you through that process painlessly,
however I haven't actually followed it. You should read the document
thoroughly before beginning, especially any comments or rewrites at
the bottom.


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