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Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Jan 5 02:34:26 UTC 2007

Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:

> On 1/4/07, Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca> wrote:
>> Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:
>> >
>> > I should have said: "VNC is painfully slow, and insecure too (unless
>> > encapsulated inside a SSH tunnel)". VNC is slow by itself, and even
>> > slower when tunneled through SSH since SSH imposes some performance
>> > penalty due to encryption (and compression). I suggest you trying out
>> > NX/FreeNX as it's free and open.
>> Except that NX _isn't_ Free, and FreeNX seems to be dead.  I've been
>> reduced to using NX, which wouldn't bother me too much except that they
>> don't provide a proper debian/Ubuntu repository - just the individual
>> .debs which
>> are slightly odd.  There is a new project (2x?) that is Free and may
>> supercede FreeNX but I'm not holding my breath.
> Are you sure 2X is free (like in speech)? As far as I can see, 2X is
> free but not open --- at least, I can't find any reference to the
> source code.

Well, that's Dennis's reasoning for not releasing an Edgy FreeNX - that the
freeNX project seems dead and 2X would be free.  He promised 2X when it's
available.  Note, afaik there isn't a released version of 2x, so they don't
_need_ to have a Free license, yet.  

I figure a bird in the hand... and bit the bullet and installed NX.

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