Issues with wireless network scanning range.

Feral lierodeath at
Fri Jan 5 09:53:06 UTC 2007

Having successfully set up my wireless card (Belkin F5d7050, using the R73
drivers), I am encountering a....curious...problem.

When scanning for networks, either using "sudo iwlist wlan0" or various
network utilities, Ubuntu fails to see my wireless network, unless I move
the router right near the computer.

Scanning for the network in MacOSX or Windows, with the hardware all in the
same position, sees the network fine, with between 60% and 80% connection

Ubuntu seems not to pick up my network unless it is very strong, even in
situations where Windows and OSX see it just fine.

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong, and how I can persuade Ubuntu
to see this network?

Is there some kind of threshold or strength setting for the drivers I am not
aware of?

Just another victim of the ambient morality
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