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> Does the Network settings or whatever in Edgy allow me to make a
> second Internet connection and if so can I set up the BT broadband
> account without disturbing the connection I use where I attend my
> Linux group? I am wanting to switch from my Wireless connection to my
> wired Internet connection without affecting what I have got set up
> for Wireless which is the Wireless point for my LUG as I can't really
> do much until I have an Internet connection in Linux at home. I have
> asked this question a few times and I haven't yet had any answer as
> to how I can use my Laptop which has Edgy on it at home using my BT
> Voyager MODEM as I don't have a Wireless Router or the information
> for setting up my BT account via wireless connection. I can connect
> via both USB and Ethenet connections.

In my experience anyway, after following the instructions in the
following link and commenting out any "hard" network settings
in /etc/network/interfaces, is that my laptop seeks out and connects to
whatever network is sees as being "best". If I'm at the library it
latches on to that wireless network, if I'm home it automagically sees
my WPA2-enabled router and prompts for the password, if I plug in the
cable at my desk it switches over to that and then back to the wireless
when I pull the plug, if I take a walk a few hundred yards down the
street it connects to my neighbor's unsecured wireless network, etc...
etc... etc...

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