Problem installing Ubuntu 6.10

Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at
Thu Jan 4 22:09:34 UTC 2007

Larry Shields wrote:


> I just arrived back from town, and was thinking that it might be due
> to the fact that Ubuntu 6.10 was burned onto a DVD, for which my
> cd-rom drive can not read it...
> Wonder why they did that instead of the way version 6.06 came
> out...???
> Looks like I need to buy a reasonably low priced DVD...

I wouldn't. Since you have the ability to burn CD's (RW) I'd download
the latest iso and make my own. It's free, and the Amazon DVD
undoubtedly has a lot of extra "fluff" on it. Probably several
different Ubuntu distributions at least, and likely a couple other
alternatives. I obviously don't know what DVD you're talking about. ;)

It occurs to me that your DVD might also have a larger software
repository on it. A double edged sword. Good if you have a slow
connection to the Internet, bad if you want the very latest updates.
It's generally best to install the "core", then get the bells and
whistles direct from the horse's mouth, so to speak...

If you do opt for the purchase of a DVD drive, don't skimp any more
than you absolutely have to. I've had nightmare experiences with those
el-cheapo $25 CDRW/DVD "combo" drives that would have left systems
unusable had it not been for my caution after years of fiddling with
these beasts, and software that allowed me to resize and move existing
partitions out of my way. Then back into place when things went awry. ;)

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